Illumination will be holding open auditions on February 29, March 01, and March 08 between 6pm and 8pm for our upcoming musical, “As in the Days of Noah”.  Auditions will occur at 301 South Davidson Street, Charlotte NC.

The audition will consist of a song and monologue chosen by the actor. The actor will be asked to read a portion of the script from “As in the Days of Noah”. An accompanist will be provided for the audition. Please note that performers are required to provide sheet music for their personal selection in order to utilize the accompanist.  You will be given a few moments to review your song with the accompanist. Please do not bring anything overly difficult. We are auditioning you, not our pianist.

Please visit our Registration Form page to register before your audition.
Please visit our As in the Days of Noah page for character synopses.


If you’re interested in joining the technical production crew of Illumination, we want to hear from you!  We’re seeking those with passion for story and life-change and those with skills and talents that they wish to invest in others.  Click on “Contact Us” at the top of the page and send us a message!  We will reach out to you and chat about the opportunities.

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